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Note: If you would like a copy of one of my publications, please contact me via email or visit my ResearchGate profile.

Journal Publications 

T. Habibi, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, T. Keller, "Short-term behavior of glass fiber-polymer composite bending-active elastica beam under service load application", Composite Structures, 337, 118080, 2024

R. Grant, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, S. Sen Roy, L. Britton, C. Li, A. Rowe, A. Becker, B. Hope, M. Bello, "No port stands alone: PortMiami and the resilience of its Caribbean and Mesoamerican maritime network", Maritime Economics & Logistics, 2024

C. Li, S. Sen Roy, R. Grant, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, "Analysis of the spatial and temporal patterns in land use land cover in Belize City from 1991 to 2021", Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 32, 101000, 2023

T. Habibi, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, T. Keller, "Effects of prestress implementation on self-stress state in large-scale tensegrity structure", Engineering Structures, 288, 116222, 2023

J. Feron, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, P. Latteur, "Experimental testing of a tensegrity simplex: self-stress implementation and static loading", ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 149 (7), 04023073, 2023

T. Habibi, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, T. Keller, "Fiber-polymer composites for permanent large-scale bending-active elastica beams", Composite Structures, 294,115809, 2022

N. Hosseinzadeh, M. Ghiasian, E. Andiroglu, J. Lamere, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, J. Sobczak, K. Sullivan Sealey, P. Suraneni, "Concrete Seawalls: Load Considerations, Ecological Performance, Durability, and Recent Innovations", Ecological Engineering, 178, 106573, 2022

M. Ghiasian, J. Carrick, C. Bisson, B. Haus, A. Baker, D. Lirman, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, "Laboratory quantification of the relative contribution of staghorn coral skeletons in the total wave-energy dissipation provided by an artificial coral reef", Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 9(9), 1007, 2021

M. Ghiasian, J. Carrick, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, B. Haus, A. Baker, D. Lirman, "Dissipation of wave energy by a hybrid artificial reef in a wave simulator: implications for coastal resilience and shoreline protection", Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 19 (1), 1-7, 2021


O. Aloui and L. Rhode-Barbarigos, "Mechanism Creation in Tensegrity Structures Through Cellular Morphogenesis", Acta Mechanica, 231, 4891–4917, 2020

O. Aloui, D. Orden, N. Bel Hadj Ali, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, "Analysis of self-equilibrated networks through cellular modeling", Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 476:20200154, 2020

N. Bel Hadj Ali, Z. Kan, H. Peng, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, "On Static Analysis of Tensile Structures with Sliding Cables - The Frictional Sliding Case", Engineering with Computers,  37, 1429–1442, 2019


O. Aloui, J. Lin, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, "A theoretical framework for sensor placement, structural identification and damage detection in tensegrity structures", Smart Materials and Structures, 28, 125004, 2019

O. Aloui, J. Flores, D. Orden, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, "Cellular morphogenesis of three-dimensional tensegrity structures", Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 346, 85-108, 2019

J. Wang, W. Zuo, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, X. Lu, J. Wang, Y. Lin "Literature Review on Modeling and Simulation of Energy Infrastructures from a Resilience Perspective", Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 183, 360-373, 2019

O. Aloui, D. Orden, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, "Generation of planar tensegrity structures through cellular multiplication", Applied Mathematical Modelling, 64, 71-92, 2018

Y. Anastas, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, S. Adriaenssens, “Design-to-Construction workflow for cell-based pattern reciprocal free-form structures”, Journal of the International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures, 57(2), 159-176, 2016

E. Segal, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, R. Filomeno Coelho, S. Adriaenssens, "An Automated Robust Design Methodology for Suspended Structures", Journal of the International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures, 56(4), 221-229, 2015

L. Nagy, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, S. Adriaenssens, S. Kilian, “Conceptual Design of a Single-Crease Origami-Arc Inspired Movable Footbridge Structure”, International Journal of Space Structures, Special Issue: Folds and Structures, 30(2), 75-84, 2015

L. Rhode-Barbarigos, V. Charpentier, S. Adriaenssens, O. Baverel, "‘Dialectic form finding of structurally integrated adaptive structures", Special Issue on “Structural Engineering” of the American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2015 (available online)

T. Segal, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, R. Filomeno Coelho, S. Adriaenssens, "Multi-objective optimization of polyester-rope and steel-rope suspended footbridges”, Engineering Structures, 99, 559-567, 2015

M. Streeter, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, S. Adriaenssens, "Form finding and analysis of inflatable dams using dynamic relaxation", Applied Mathematics and Computation, 267, 742-749, 2015

S. Adriaenssens, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, A. Kilian, O. Baverel, V. Charpentier, M. Horner, D. Buzatu, "‘Dialectic form finding of passive and active shading enclosures", Energies, 7(8), 5201-5220, 2014

M. Horner, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, S. Adriaenssens, "Site-specific louvered shells for shading harmful Ultraviolet radiation", Building and Environment, 78, 14-22, 2014

S. Siu, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, S. Wagner, S. Adriaenssens, "Dynamic relaxation study and experimental verification of dielectric-elastomer minimum-energy structures", Applied Physics Letters, 103, 171906, 2013

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L. Rhode-Barbarigos, "Open Discussion on Hanaor’s paper: Debunking “Tensegrity” – A Personal Perspective", International Journal of Space Structures, 27(4), 247-248, 2012

N. Bel Hadj Ali, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, I.F.C. Smith, "Analysis of clustered tensegrity structures using a modified dynamic relaxation algorithm", International Journal of Solids and Structures, 48(5), 637-647, 2011

N. Bel Hadj Ali, L. Rhode-Barbarigos, A. Pascual Albi, I.F.C. Smith, "Design optimization and dynamic analysis of a tensegrity-based footbridge", Engineering Structures, 32(11), 3650-3659, 2010

L. Rhode-Barbarigos, N. Bel Hadj Ali, R. Motro, I.F.C. Smith, "Designing tensegrity modules for pedestrian bridges", Engineering Structures, 32(4), 1158-1167, 2010

L. Rhode-Barbarigos, H. Jain, P. Kripakaran, I.F.C. Smith, "Design of tensegrity structures using parametric analysis and stochastic search", Engineering with Computers, 26(2), 193-203, 2010

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